Aditya-L1's special camera took amazing pictures of the Sun in different colors.

The camera, called SUIT, studied the Sun's surface and outer layer using special filters.

On November 20, 2023, SUIT's camera turned on for the first time.

It captured its first pictures on December 6, 2023, using eleven special filters.

The pictures show the Sun in colors from violet to red, but not all colors were included.

We can see cool things like sunspots, plage, and quiet Sun regions in the pictures.

The special picture in Mg II h color helps scientists learn more about the Sun's details.

Scientists use SUIT to understand how the Sun's energy affects our Earth's weather.

SUIT helps us learn about the Sun's dynamic behavior and its impact on Earth.

The telescope also works with different groups like ISRO, IUCAA, MAHE,  CESSI, IIA, USO-PRL, and Tezpur University to make this happen.

By studying the Sun with SUIT, we are learning important things about space and how it affects our planet.