India is sending a special space mission called XPoSat on December 28!

XPoSat is like a space explorer that will study bright X-ray lights in the sky and tell us interesting things about them.

It's not just India's first mission—it's the second one in the whole world doing this cool job!

XPoSat uses something called polarimetry, a special tool that helps scientists

learn about things like black holes and faraway galaxies.

This mission is super important because it helps scientists understand tricky space stuff that's hard to study.

XPoSat will fly around in space about 650 km above Earth

and look at these bright lights from a special angle.

It carries two cool tools - POLIX and XSPECT - to study these bright lights in different ways.

XPoSat will measure the light in special energy bands and study it for about five years!

It will even keep watching these lights when it goes behind Earth's shadow during an eclipse.

So, get ready for a space adventure as XPoSat helps us learn more about the mysteries of space!