Flexibility for a Pain-Free Back: 5 Must-Try Stretches

best stretches for lower back pain relief

Flexibility for a Pain-Free Back: 5 Must-Try Stretches


Actually lower back pain can actually occur from different types of reasons but basically we will see often due to strain on the muscles and ligaments in the lower back pain so basically if you want to know it can result from your poster even if you lift heavy or sudden moments which are unconscious in this information or damage of the spinal disc with actually reacts as a shock absorbers can also cause pain to your body so sometimes you have to go through medical conditions or also injuries may contribute to your lower back panel.

So basically if you want to avoid this you may have to sit in good posture straight and fit secondly you have to daily exercise for minimum half an hour to 1 hour and you should mostly do proper weightlifting and also you should your proper techniques so that your injury can be prevented this is important to seek medical advice to identify the specific cause which will actually treat your lower back pain.

best stretches for lower back pain relief

lets check out best lower back pain relief exercise that will help you with relief.

Need to chest stretch – 

Subah se kya you just have to lie on your back you have to bring your need towards your chest and the sold it for 15 to 30 second depending on your time in and repeat it with the another knee. If you want good results then you have to practice it telly and for consistently to get some best results.

Cat and cow stretch

Subah se ke liye you just have to get your hands and needs you just need to ark your backup like a cat then drop your belly down like a cow this is actually funny but it will actually help you to repeat this motion few times and please do this consistently for best results.

Child pose

Well child pose is simple you just have to sit back on your hills with your arms scratch forward on the floor now you have to hold it for 20 to 30 seconds and daily practice it for half an hour to 15 minutes see you will see changes in your body after few days.

Ham string stretch

Well to do this you just have to sit on the floor with one leg straight and another bent now you have to reach on your tours on the straight leg while keeping on the back straight just keep in mind that you have to hold it for 15 to 30 seconds and then switch your legs see you have to do it consist only to get proper results.


How to reduce and prevent lower back pain?  

To reduce and prevent lower back pain you must understand that you have to following this things

Heavy lifting

So if you are not friendly with heavy lifting then you have to avoid this thing, because in heavy lifting you just have your poor posture that’s why you are lower back can cause injury so you just use your legs not your back to left and ask for help whenever I need it.

Poor posture 

 maintain good poster while settings thread while standing you should also stands trade and while walking you should also walk straight without lying or like lazy.

Wearing high heels

Do you know that wearing High heels can actually alter your portion and it will stress on the lower back so basically just use normal and support to shoes because your fashion may at react people for short time but lower back pain will actually get you into trouble for long time.


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